Thursday, November 28, 2013


My newest creation was my first time pursuing and idea by some one else. The idea was given by @mellowyellowvee on IG. Her idea was a visionary dream and this is what i created. Choosing a direction + having an inspiration puts you on a cloud leading you towards a VISIONARY DREAM!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


A poem called, " Can't Change What Was Once Done,
Your Life Would Be Undone "

We live it we live it... we tend to relive it

We make the wrong choices but we don't always admit it

Admit it admit it... don't ever forget it

Those choices were wrong but don't ever regret it

You did it you did it... regret just won't change it

We all make mistakes but your life is just one don't waste time and just live it 

Regret is attached to me

I don't know what's happening
I just want to get out of it and let it all go

It can all be so simple

But it all just comes down to
If you want to forget it 
Those words that you say when you make a mistake
"I regret it" 
Those words they are poison
So forget that you chose them

I get it I get it I don't I just don't want to relive it

Just move on because if you don't yo will have to outlive it

Some mistakes tend to often repeat
And your next choice isn't always concrete

Created by:

Brian Garcia

Friday, September 20, 2013


A poem called, " It's More Than Just A Smile"

A smile on my face
Everything seems to go away... Erase

You can see a change so drastic
Everything seems to better than it could be... Fantastic

A smile on my face is a feeling  that I cannot replace but... 
I can share it and help another put together their smile
Just let them adjust it and be proud to wear it

It may have been torn into pieces and distorted, battered once by a person or experience
From then on the person left it behind and decided they couldn't wear it because they couldn't find it
They blinded themselves and hid their smile

So help that person search for the smile that they're missing

Make eye contact, smile, be sincere and make a connection Their smile will come through like a beam of light in a endless room of darkness
Illuminating the room of their soul and allowing them room to explore 
What was once hidden and was now discovered 
A beautiful smile in which i uncovered!

You get this feeling of greatness
heights of emotion that are not close in reach 
But you managed to grasp the feeling of uncontrollable happiness so help pass it on

Created by:

Brian Garcia

Thursday, July 25, 2013


A poem called, " Adjusting What You Believe"

From what you think you heard

Will arrive what you choose to find

Letting an assumption get to you

You might as well be blind

Use your senses when they make sense

If not you will go crazy thinking what it actually meant

Created by:

Brian Garcia

Poem of the week! What do you think?!

Friday, June 28, 2013


A poem called, "It's What You Believe In"

In life there are no guarantees
No high chances of satisfaction
But there will always be a possibility

Created by:

Brian Garcia